I’m Hitchhiking Around New Zealand!

Hey HEY! I’ve just finished up an Epic season of kayak guiding in one of the most beautiful spots I’ve ever experienced. It was a little back country town with a population of 16 people, no joke! But absolute amazing views of middle earth and jagged mountain peaks. If you’re a Lord Of The Rings fan, then you would love Kinloch, NZ because it’s the area where much of the movies were filmed.

View from my Kayak everyday!

But NOW, my amazing lady partner, Misha and I are hitch hiking from the South of New Zealand to the North; more specifically Queenstown to Northland, New Zealand. For all you Americans out there, that’s like hitch hiking from Florida to Maine. I have my backpack with a tent and sleeping bag, so where ever we end up for the day, we find a secluded spot and put up the tent.

It’s been six days now and it’s going great! I’ve met some awesome people, conquered some amazing hikes, and have slept in some really special locations that most travelers will never find. I’m not spending any money on travel or accommodation. Not because I don’t have any, it’s to show everyone out there how much Love there is in this world and how smiles and good conversation can be much more powerful of an exchange than money.

So, this blog will be a nice place to show my travels. I hope everyone enjoys and I hope I can inspire any of those currently traveling or looking to travel. So Much LOVE! -Mitchy Wilder

Almost To The Top of Mt. Alaska
South Island, NZ
January 15, 2020
Billy Jean Hut
South Island, NZ
January 20, 2020
Mt. Aspiring
South Island, New Zealand
January 24, 2020

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