Re-Unite In Tekapo

250 miles from where I first started hitch hiking happens to be the little town with a population of 300 called Tekapo. Tekapo has a special place in my heart because it’s where I spent the winter. I was working at the local outdoor ice rink which had absolutely stunning views of the snow covered mountains.

Lake Tekapo in Winter
July 2019
Lake Tekapo Summer
January 2020

But, now I’m here in summer! My partner and I found an awesome spot to camp by a river where no one knows about. I’ve been taking morning runs through town and running into all of the locals that I became so close with over the winter months. It’s pretty special actually. Makes me feel a little at home in a way, seeing these familiar smiles along this crazy journey of mine is comforting and warming. It’s really nice to leave a piece of you behind in each place that you spend so much time in because you never know if you’re going to return. But, if you do, it’s a really special feeling.

So Much Love, Mitchy Wilder

The Pictures above are taken from the same spot on the Lake Tekapo shore; one from summer and one from winter. And for all you crazy Americans out there, remember that the seasons are opposite here in NZ.

Winter Hockey in Tekapo
Tekapo Tavern Tahrs
Erehwon Cup (oldest hockey tournament in NZ)
Above, I have 13 stitches/broken nose/black eye from hockey puck to the face 👽

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