Hitchhiking New Zealand: Day 8 Tekapo—Kaikoura (250 Miles/400KM)

New Zealand

Beautiful day of travel this was! My amazing lady travel partner and I made it from Tekapo to the stunning northeast coast of New Zealand in a spot called Kaikoura. The hitchhiking was flawless! It consisted of 3 rides. The first ride was from a Polish gent named Piotr (Peter), the second was from a grey bearded local Kiwi man named Mike, and the final couple hours was from a local native Maori man named Darren. To be honest, things couldn’t have gone much smoother. We ended up finding an epic spot for our tent on the beach, listening to the ocean play all night.

Kaikoura, New Zealand
The Tent View
Overcast 6AM
Kaikoura Beach, New Zealand

I’d like to share a little story about our final ride with Darren. Darren’s family were/are the first to ever settle in Kaikoura, New Zealand. Yes, you heard me right, THE FIRST. Darren comes from Maori (Native New Zealand) heritage; very much like the Native Americans in America. He shared so much knowledge about the history of New Zealand and the Native Culture. And lucky for us, Darren happened to be an archeologist and artifact expert specializing in ancient Maori artifacts. He carried with him a suitcase sized box in his truck filled with ancient artifacts, that not only were we able to look at, but we got to hold and touch the stuff too! Even in a museum you wouldn’t be allowed to touch these precious pieces. We even touched Moa Bone (Moa’s are the long extinct ostrich sized flightless bird of New Zealand)!!!

Maori Artifacts

As if giving my amazing Czech travel partner and I, Misha, a 150 mile ride wasn’t enough, Darren is also a fisherman. So, upon dropping us off in Kaikoura, he swung by his house and grabbed one of his recently trapped Pacific Crayfish and gave it to us. He also explained that we would be paying about $100 for that thing at a restaurant. It was Huge!! And delicious, we had it for lunch today. And to top things off, Darren drove another 15 minutes out of his way to drop us off at the local supermarket. WOW! Not only was Darren gracious enough to allow us to come experience and enjoy the beautiful land that his ancestors founded and which he still lives to protect, he made sure we felt at home!

What I’d like to point out here is HOW MUCH LOVE THERE IS IN THIS WORLD. In our world today, it can be easy to get caught up in the negativity of the news. The fear of the news. The separation between humans that the news creates. But, I’m here to let everyone know that there is still LOVE EVERYWHERE! Maybe more than ever. Yes for real. If we can surrender the scariness of the “unknowns” about what may happen in our lives, we allow for the universe to work It’s Magic to perform miracles in our lives.

I would MOST ENJOY expressing my Gratitude and Love towards these fellow brothers of mine that provided us with these rides. And I don’t want to just stop there, I would like to extend my Appreciation to All my Brothers and Sisters that I come in contact with on my daily escapades. I appreciate You ALL so much. With every ride, I become more humble. This journey is not just mine but it is indeed OURS. I am so thankful to be able to do what I’m doing and experiencing what I’m experiencing. This Life Is An Amazing One. And I Am Grateful and Fortunate to be able to be Living It. —-Mitchy Wilder

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