Hitchhiking New Zealand: Insider Profile of Misha!

How could you not give us a ride with this smile?!

Alright everyone! I feel that it’s best that before I share any more of my most recent experiences, that I take a moment to introduce you all to one of the most amazing human beings I’ve ever encountered, Misha. Misha hails from the beautiful country of Czech Republic. But, that speaks nothing to the amazing soul that is Misha.

Misha is easily one of the most kind and compassionate people that you will ever meet. She is filled with Love and can put a smile on anyone’s face with her laugh. She’s also super gentle, creative, artistic, grounded, and extremely Wise. She’s also a complete BADASS! Misha let go of everything that she owned besides what she could fit in her backpack. Not only that, but she’s taken on some of the hardest hikes in the country with her 20kg/44lbs “house” on her back!!

Misha And Her House
Hum bolt Range Mountains
South Island, New Zealand
Up In Da Mountains
McIntyre Hut
South Island, New Zealand

She’s also one of the funniest people in the universe. To give a quick example… The other day we were hiking down a massive mountain. It was about 3 hours straight down steep mountain. I turn back and Misha wasn’t there, so I waited about 30 seconds until she had caught back up. I didn’t say anything and we stand there in silence for a second for us both to enjoy the rays of the sun and catch our breath. Then Misha, in her adorable Czech accent, says, “Sorry I had to take a break back there, my brakes were burnin’” I laughed so hard, I couldn’t breath, as she was referring to a long downhill decent that cars can make through mountains where the driver is constantly having to ride the brakes causing for a burning smell sometimes. Well, that’s just one of the most recent situations that I can share. But it happens all the time.

Mt. Aspiring
South Island
New Zealand

Misha is truly a ray of sunshine upon whomever/whatever she comes into contact with. She warms every moment with her unconditional Love. She is my hiking/kayak/biking/hitchhiking partner but most importantly, my Life Partner. I am truly blessed to be sharing these crazy adventures throughout New Zealand with her.

Filled With Fortune and Gratitude —-Mitchy Wilder

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