Hitchhiking New Zealand: Day 9,10,11: Mt. Fyffe Summit

Enjoying Life Above The Clouds
Mt. Fyffe
South Island, New Zealand

What am I grateful for today? My Legs! My wonderful partner, Misha, and I hiked our first summit together! It was a steep, steep climb but we prevailed!

Day 9 started with a 40 minute hitch hike to the trail head of a mountain called Mt. Fyffe. The super nice, local guy who picked us up was named Henry. Much like the gent named Darren in my previous post, Henry was also a “Crayfisherman”. We knew that because we shared the ride in the bed of his truck with his morning catch. As he was dropping us off at the trail head, he kindly offered us one of the fresh and still alive Crayfish for us to take on our hike. We kindly declined as our packs were already “packed” full.

In the bed of Henry’s truck with his morning catch 🦞

After a grueling and intense 4.5 hour steep hike up the mountain, we made it to the Mt. Fyffe Hut. An awesome little hut with an absolutely stunning view of the landscape around the town of Kaikoura. If we squinted we could actually see the beach we stayed on the previous night.

Funny thing about this hike though! First off, we saw no one. Which was not surprising to us because we had done a little research the night before and found out that due to the drought of the summer months of New Zealand, the particular hut that we wanted to stay at was dry of water. We found that attractive though because we enjoy some tracks with less population, not as touristy; nothing against tourists though, after all I am one also. But we knew the whole no water situation would scare off some people who didn’t want to hike with 7lbs/3.5kg of water, up a mountain.

But the funny thing of this hike was, as we were approaching the hut, we saw a couple taking photos of the amazing view. And then we saw another person, and then another! And none of them looked sweaty, parched, discombobulated, or out of breath, much like how we looked at that moment. Quite the opposite actually! These people were so nicely dressed and had huge smiles on their faces. How did they hike a mountain!? We were so confused. Some people even started clapping for us and telling us, “Great Job!”. We were still so confused. As we kept walking around the corner where the hut was tucked into the mountain that’s when we saw IT. There was a massive helicopter! These people were in the middle of their helicopter tour and our destination by foot was also their destination by helicopter! It all made sense to us at that point and we had a great laugh. We even enjoyed some nice little conversations with the heli travelers as well. It provided for a nice giggle to ease the tension of the intense hike we just endured.

Day 10, we hiked the last 600m/2000ft to the summit of Mt. Fyffe. Epic views from the top and also it was mine and Misha’s first summit together! We spent the rest of the day back at the hut reading, doing some stretching and yoga, and overall just relaxing and enjoying the serenity of the mountain tops.

Mt. Fyffe Summit
South Island, New Zealand

Day 11, we hiked back down the mountain and caught a right with a couple about our age from Belgium. I sat in the back of the van, where their bed/bedroom was while Misha provided them with some great conversation and laughs in the front.

“As Long As I’m Moving Toward My Destination,
I’ll Do It In Any Enjoyable Way Possible” —Mitchy Wilder

Me in the “bedroom” of The Belgians’ Van

I can’t explain enough how grateful I am for my health. Because of my and Misha’s healthy bodies we are lucky enough to be able to experience these amazing adventures.

I’m also super grateful for THE AMAZING COUNTRY OF NEW ZELAND. This country continues to show up each and every day to provide epic views and vibes that are dream land worthy. It doesn’t matter where you are in this country, where ever you go, EPICNESS AWAITS.

Loving Life ——Mitchy Wilder

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