Hitchhiking New Zealand: Day 14 : Picton-Wellington (Capital of New Zealand)

The “Interislander”
Picture by Interislander

Hello ALL! So, simply put here, after almost 1 year spent on the South Island of New Zealand. Misha, my beautiful partner, and I, made it back to the North Island! We paid for our first transportation since we started our hitchhiking journey two weeks ago. The Interislander Ferry. And it was awesome, the boat ride through Cook Straight is absolutely stunning. There was even some nice live music that we were able to enjoy on the boat. And man let me tell you, although I’ve come to Love hitchhiking, it felt good to not have to put the thumb up for a ride this time. So I kicked up the feet and relaxed contently for the few hour journey.

Nice Morning View From Our Secret Tent Site In Picton
Snout’s Point
South Island, New Zealand

I want to express how thankful I am for the South Island of New Zealand. It was a magical year that’s for sure. I was lucky enough to experience it all; amazing mountain/glacier/forest/trail hikes, snowboarding, ice hockey, surfing, beaches, kayaking, paddle boarding, zip lining, skydiving, bungee jumping, horse riding; oh and meeting the beautiful Misha also! Thank You, South Island, Thank You, and this isn’t a goodbye, it’s a I’ll see you soon. Cheers

Routeburn Track
South Island, New Zealand
October 2019
Lake Mathison
West Coast
South Island, New Zealand
August 2019
Birthday Snowboarding
Roundhill Ski Field
Tekapo, New Zealand
South Island
July 2019
Caples Saddle Track
South Island
New Zealand
October 2019

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