Hitchhiking New Zealand: Day 20-27: Blueberry Picking, INDIA HERE WE COME!

Hello HELLO, to all of my beautiful readers out there. I’d first like to start out by thanking YOU. The feedback that “The Way Of The Chucklehead” has received over the past weeks is astonishing. I LOVE hearing what you guys think. So, please please please…keep it coming. It’s so great to hear from you ALL.

Next is a video of quite possibly the most excited person you will ever see eating a blueberry…ME

Just wait for the celebration

Okay, so as the title of this post explained, I will fill you guys in with the details of the past 10 days of hitchhiking New Zealand; days 20-30. And boy did these days add FUN twists!

So, a recap! My amazing lady friend, Misha and I have made it hitchhiking 1,400km/850mi from where we first started. We’ve made it to the North Island, in the town of Hastings, New Zealand. We left Queenstown in the South Island about three weeks ago. What a lot of people don’t realize is how LONG of a country New Zealand is. It’s not so much wide but gah damn is it LONG! Haha From the very north of New Zealand to the very south is a 29 hour drive (not including a 3 hour ferry). If you’re from the U.S. that’s comparable to driving from Maine to Florida and if you’re from Europe because I notice we have some European and Asian readers out there, it’s the equivalent to driving from Paris to Moscow. And Misha and I have done almost all of that by hitchhiking! I’m so proud of Misha though. She’s been such a great BEING the whole time. And along the way, we’ve made hundreds of friends, hiked 5 mountain summits, heard thousands of funny stories, exchanged thousands of smiles, surfed a few waves, and slept in 25 crazy different spots around New Zealand. I could have kept going there but I’m excited to explain our most recent adventures.

Kinloch – Hastings
New Zealand

Alright, for the real stuff, truth is we’ve been having so much FUN over this past year in New Zealand that Misha and I totally forgot that we have to leave the country in less than a couple weeks. Yes, you heard me right there, we’ve been having SO MUCH FUN that we forgot that Misha’s one year is up and her Visa expires on the 4th of March and we have to leave the country. Well maybe we didn’t forget, but you know when you put something on your calendar and then forget about it until the week starts of that day you marked on your calendar…yeah that’s what happened here.

A Chucklehead Water Filtration Process

This filtration process above has nothing to do with todays story but I just wanted to provide some FUN.

Okay! So, first a little bit about us! Misha and I have found a real passion in personal growth. We’ve found that a big part of our personal growth comes from our morning routine. Our morning routines consist of waking up at 5am and practicing at least a few minutes of Yoga and Meditation. Yoga and Meditation bring us peace and clarity in our crazy minds. They give us a better way to confront the daily challenges that Life throws at us throughout the day. But we want to share this solution. WE want to share it because we’ve felt how much it benefits us in our daily lives. But here’s the thing, we don’t know how to share it. And that’s why we’re going to India. To be able to Share with You all a better understanding of LIFE. And since Misha and I met, India, the birthplace of Yoga, has been a topic of conversation almost daily. SO! NEEDLESS TO SAY, WE’VE DECIDED THAT INDIA IS OUR NEXT PLACE TO CONTINUE THIS JOURNEY!! We’ve found amazing places in India that offer Yoga Teacher Training for us to become certified Yoga and Meditation Teachers. So, that is indeed what feels right and what we’re going to do.

Early Morning Up In The Mountains
Kime Hut
North Island, New Zealand


I’m going to be completely honest with you beautiful readers, our bank accounts are not in the best of shape right now, to say the least. We’re making as much money as we can picking blueberries so we can buy plane tickets to India and for the Yoga Teacher Training. And trust me when I say this, WE ARE CUTTING IT CLOSE! But, don’t get me wrong here, we understand that this is the Lifestyle that we have chosen! Haha LIVING LIFE ON THE EDGE! Working in a town to save as much money as you can to then go out and experience as much as you can until you run out of that money to then work as much as you can again in another town to then go out and do the same thing again. It’s sometimes The Chucklehead Way. AND I OWN THAT.

Please Don’t Report Me

And if you’re out there thinking that I took all these pictures in one day because I’m wearing the same shirt. That’s not true, it’s my only shirt. And I Love It.

Handful of Ripeness

I’m super thankful for the blueberry picking job though! It’s so much fun. And it’s super peaceful out on the farm. And the people are great! We’re laughing and having fun all day. There’s about 500 pickers a day picking blueberries and all of them are travelers from all over the world. Almost all of us are on a “Working Holiday Visa”. The Working Holiday Visa allows you to travel and work throughout New Zealand for one year. It’s pretty Epic actually. I’m super grateful for the Working Holiday Visa. You literally get to work wherever you want and travel wherever you want. It’s so much more different than just going and traveling around a country, not saying that there is anything wrong with that. I do that in other countries myself. But, the fact that we’re able to work makes the experience so much more special, in my opinion. You get to understand the culture in a more beautiful way by staying and working in a town. And for that, I’m grateful. I’ll create a follow up post to this and share all the awesomely crazy jobs I’ve experienced since arriving in New Zealand. It’s pretty funny the stuff I’ve done.

Mouth FULL of Blueberries

SO EVERYONE! I LOVE YOU AND THANK YOU FOR STICKING WITH ME! That is indeed the story of where My Love, Misha and I are at right now. I’m trying to be as honest, genuine, and authentic as I can be with you. That is indeed the point of this blog! To show you that traveling is not ALL EASY. But, it is FUN! And FUNNY! That’s for sure. In the mean time, Misha and I will be enJoying our labor on the blueberry farm and dreaming about the downward dog in India. I really hope that these posts are beneficial to you all. I want to provide you as the readers with some fun, entertainment, and maybe even some inspiration. As some of you may have noticed I’ve made some upgrades to the site and I’ve been lucky enough to add a PayPal donation button at the bottom of the page where you can now donate to Misha and I’s Mission and for us to get to India, without having to swim! So if you feel compelled to contribute, it would be greatly appreciated and your donation would be going to a beautiful cause! And Thank You John/Tony From Indiana for being our first ever contributor. You are indeed a LEGEND.


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