Hitchhiking New Zealand Day 30: We Made It On A Postcard!

My beautiful lady, Misha and I are so lucky! First off, a little update…We’re still currently working and picking blueberries in Hastings, New Zealand for our final week in this beautiful country before we go to India, well hopefully! We’re still trying to raise the money. Haha Thank You to those out there that have showed support with donations this week! We’re getting closer to our dream of Yoga in India. So much appreciated ! If you would like to contribute to Misha and I’s mission, you most definitely can. At the bottom of this page is a PayPal button. Your donation would be so much appreciated. Truly. And something else cool happened this week, Misha and I found out that we’ve made it on a New Zealand postcard! How cool is that!?


Here’s the story behind it…

Misha and I were traveling around the South Island of NZ a little while back, in between jobs at that time. We had just finished up a winter in beautiful, snowy Lake Tekapo. As, I’ve said before, that’s the town where Misha and I met. It was Love at first sight, or at least it was for ME. We were both working at the same place and living in the same staff house.

How could you not melt from this smile!?

I’d like to take a moment here to talk about the concept of “staff houses” if that’s okay with you guys. Staff houses are super common in New Zealand for companies that rely on “backpackers” as their staff. Business’ rent out homes and offer it to their staff for cheaper housing prices than normal. Staff houses are more for “backpacker jobs” aka “Seasonal jobs”. I have come to LOVE staff houses! Mainly because the workers in the staff houses are travelers also. And the housemates are from all over the world! I’ve lived in 6 different staff houses throughout my time in New Zealand. I’ve lived and made really close friends with awesome people from the U.S., Germany, China, Australia, Japan, Argentina, Netherlands, Nepal, U.K., France, New Zealand, Vietnam, Czech Republic, Canada, and the Philippines. And I’m so thankful that I get to not only meet, but live with people of different cultures. You learn so much about other’s culture and traditions when you live with them. And most of all, it creates for hilarious and fun conversations at the dinner table every night.

Anyways! Back to the story of how we got on a New Zeland postcard. Misha and I had a nice little ‘94 Toyota Caldina that we were cruising around the South Island in. And when I say “we had a nice little caldina” I mean that it was Misha’s car and I kind of invited myself along for the journey.

A quick side story here of how much of BADASS Misha is. When Misha first arrived in New Zealand a year ago she had just finished up living and volunteering in a little tiny village on the tiny Indonesian Island called Lombok for 4 months. She spoke some English and had no idea what she was going to do when she arrived in New Zealand. Within a couple weeks she had bought a car, worked a week or so picking fruit, drove the car 800mi/1300km to the South Island of New Zealand, and began working as a massage therapist in Lake Tekapo. Which is when we met. How awesome is that!?

Misha And Her Baby, “Love Car”

Okay back to the postcard story again! We were traveling around the South Island and made it to Abel Tasman National Park. We were staying at a cool campground/ backpackers called “The Barn”. Really really nice spot, right on the edge of Abel Tasman National Park. Our first night there, we ended up getting asked by a photographer if we could do some lifestyle modeling for him the next morning. Basically, he was just in town for the day and said that he had a boat and captain lined up and he just needed some paddle board, kayak, swim shots taken with some people in the shot as well. We’re usually not ones to say yes to an offer like this, but this time it felt right, so we did.

We met the gentlemen who’s name ended up being Derek Morrison the next morning when he came to pick us up at “The Barn” just before sunrise. We ended up finding out that he’s one of the biggest photographers in New Zealand, and easily the biggest Surf Photographer in the country. We made our way over to the little town of Kaiterteri, where the boat and captain were waiting for us. We loaded all the camera gear, SUP’s, food, and supplies up and set out on the water just at sunrise. It was such a beautiful morning. And it ended up being one Of the most Epic days we’ve had in New Zeland.

Derek and Captain Rob took us to the coolest spots only accessible by water around Abel Tasman National Park. The day went like this. We would stop at an epic location, we would put the paddle boards in the water and Derek would give us a few directions of where he wanted us to paddle. But really not much direction at all. He just told us to go out there and have fun. We would paddle around for 30mins-1hour and get back in the boat. Cap’n Rob would take us to the next destination while Derek would entertain us with some fun conversation about Life. We then would stop, Cap’n Rob would tell us something cool about the new location we were at. And then we’d put the paddle boards in the water and we’d do it all over again. ALL DAY WE DID THAT. And were Lucky enough to experience locations that you would only be able to experience if you had a boat and deep knowledge of the local area. We eventually got off the water, said our goodbyes to Cap’n Rob and Derek drove us back to where we were staying.

It was a day to remember that’s for sure. THANK YOU DEREK AND CAP’N ROB for the EPICNESS OF THAT DAY! And Thank You, for publishing the Epic postcard!

Everyone can find Derek at:

And you can find a link to the postcard in the caption of the picure or here:

741 – Post Art Postcard – Split Apple Rock – Paddleboarders

Thank You, New Zealand. Thank You for continuing to provide Epic Moments. Thank You for Allowing Misha and I to travel and experience this awesome country safely. And Thank You for allowing us to experience LOVE everywhere we go.

AND THANK YOU MOST TO YOU READERS OUT THERE. YOU ARE SO MUCH APPRECIATED. The donations and support that I’ve received over the past weeks is so amazing. THANK YOU SO MUCH. This is indeed OUR journey that we are on. Without you guys, I couldn’t do what I’m doing and making it so special. I Love You guys so much. Please let me know if there’s anyway more I can serve you amazing people.


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