How To Make It From Hastings, New Zealand To Byron Bay, Australia in 24 hours with no car (3000km/1,900mi): Also, Life Lessons at 40,000ft/13,000m

15 Minutes After Landing In Gold Coast Australia,

Okay I’m going to be completely transparent with all you beautiful people here. I don’t particularly aim for this to be a self-help blog. I’m no guru. I like to share my experiences and allow you, as the wise readers to develop your own ideas of what is happening. Trust me, I’ve thought about sharing the daily life lessons that I think that I’ve learned. Less storytelling, more information and knowledge. That’s actually how I first wanted to launch this blog. But no thank you. I don’t believe it would be most beneficial to you. I say this because the life lessons that I’ve learned are just that. My lessons that I’ve needed to learn. They’re personalized to me. Through MY perspective. They wouldn’t mean as much to you because the only reason they mean so much to me is because I’ve experienced them. What if I’ve learned the lesson of “tying my shoes” along my journey? Would you find it interesting or beneficial if I shared a post with you in detail the steps of how to tie my shoes? I seriously doubt it. It wouldn’t benefit you because you’ve already mastered tying your shoes. I consider you, as my readers, of high Life experience and wisdom. You have an idea of what’s going on in this world. And that’s the reason, at this point in time, for my storytelling. For you, as the wise readers to mold your own ideas and learn from my experiences, not from my life lessons. And for that, I’d like to say that I appreciate you so much.

And guess what? After all that, I’m going to be SUPER hypocritical here and actually share with you something that happened that has been a beautiful reminder to me. I’m gonna be honest, it may sound like me explaining a life lesson. I don’t know what it is. But, I promise these won’t come around often.

SO! I’m currently flying to Australia. Yes, right now at this very moment, I’m on a plane somewhere over the Tasman Sea. I’m sitting across the aisle from a super cute little baby girl with blue eyes and autumn hair. She looks to be 1-2 years young. About 5 minutes ago, this little girl just looked over at me, smiled so big and waved. It was more of like a full arm wave. I waved back and smiled. She was so excited. You could see the excitement on her face. I think she was most excited because she found out that she could do something to cause action from someone else. Someone responding in mirror to her action. She looked back and she tried to do the same thing to someone behind me. That person wasn’t paying attention and didn’t react. She looked confused. She then looked to the person in front of me, smiled, and did the full arm wave. Same result though. No action from the other person.

She looked back at me again. Smiled. And Waved. Her little smile was so cute. I smiled and waved back. She got excited again! Her Mirror Worked!

This moment is what sparked my thoughts. This moment with the baby girl, I believe, can be much related to my relationships in my Life. When I feel Joy and I can’t help but smile to strangers, it’s so nice to feel others accept my energy and smile back. We share that moment together. A moment of happiness as ONE. I think it’s essential to recognize that some people out there are unable to accept joyous energy sometimes. And that’s not a bad thing. And doesn’t make them a bad person. And I don’t need to take it personally. Or let it bother me. I’ve let it bother me many times before. I’ve been in great moods smiling at everyone at work or as I walked down the sidewalk in town. I would get some smiles back and I Loved that. Then, I’d walk into to get a drink at a convince store and the cashier wouldn’t mirror me back. He/She wouldn’t smile. No eye contact. No LOVE. Nothing. Sometimes I’d even get a comment that I thought to be rude or disrespectful from a co worker. “What’s their fucking problem?” I’d say to myself. I recognize in doing this, it would lessen my joy. I would allow it to dampen my bliss if they didn’t reciprocate the Joy.

I realized though that I had to treat these situations in a different way. After much trial and error, I found the answer…it was Compassion. I realized I needed to treat these situations with full Compassion for the other person. I don’t know what’s happing in the lives of other’s around me. I don’t need to know. And I also don’t need to feel sorry for them. But I believe it’s essential to have Compassion for them. To find it Inside of myselfto send Love to those who are unable to smile, to those unable to laugh, and those who are hurting.

I just need to know that not everyone is ready at this moment to accept and exchange happiness. All I can do is Love myself fully, exchange that Love with as many people as I can, and not take it personally if I put myself out there and get shut down. I will strive everyday to have compassion for All. I promise to not conform when I see negativity. I will recite in my head these mantras throughout the day, I Am Compassion. I Am Love. I Love Myself. .

Thank You beautiful baby with the blue eyes and autumn hair. For reminding me that all I can do in life is smile and wave and know that that’s exactly what the world needs. With no expectation to receive it back because it isn’t needed. Because I have done my part in filling this world with Love. And if I do receive the smile back, CELEBRATE AND Appreciate.

Oh and The secret to make it from Hastings, NZ to Byron Bay, Au. It takes 12 hours of hitchhiking, 2 hours of public bus transport, 4 hours of airtime, and another hour of Aussie bussing. And you’ll find yourself in Byron Bay. No joke though, if you’re going to travel to New Zealand or Aussie anytime in the future. Let me know. Send me a message and I’ll make sure you hit the best spots in the least amount of time.



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