Chucklehead Update: Australia 🇦🇺

Gold Coast, Australia

Hey there y’all! I hope everyone is enjoying their beautiful weekend. Many of you may be wondering, “What’s Mitchy Wilder up to these days?” . I know it’s been a few days since I last updated you and boy have plans changed. So here’s a quick update.

So, my beautiful lady Misha and I had an epiphany at breakfast the day before we were supposed to leave New Zealand and go to India. Although we saved enough money for our plane tickets to India, thanks in large part to the amazingly generous donations from you guys and in part to our blueberry picking, we thought it would be unwise of us to show up in India with minimal amounts of money. And that’s where the epiphany came in. Australia! We thought! We figured that we want to do India right. Not to rush there and experience hard times. And we figured we should save more in order to experience India right. And since we were down in this hemisphere already, it would make the most sense to make a trip “across the ditch” to Australia.

After our epiphany I researched and found out that Australia offers a Working Holiday Visa to U.S. citizens under 30. In order to be granted the Working Holiday Visa it takes on average 40 days of processing and $550. I figured, “Ahh why not apply and see what happens”, bearing in mind that this $550 was close to the last of my money besides a plane ticket and some food and accommodation money for a week. 40 minutes later, I received an email that I was approved for the Australian Working Holiday Visa. Misha was approved for the Visitors Visa. We did a little dance to celebrate the gift of good luck and then booked our tickets to The Gold Coast, Australia. We said our goodbyes and left the blueberry picking town of Hastings, New Zeland the next morning and hitchhiked all day to Auckland. It took us like 12 rides. It was a long day. But worth it. We got lucky and stayed with one of Misha’s fellow Czech friends that night. And flew to Aussie at 5am the following morning. By 7am, we were jumping in the ocean across the street from Gold Coast Airport.

Love Life
Gold Coast

Wow, I Am Thankful. For everything to fall into place like that was truly a miracle. But then again, Life’s A Miracle. And I Am SO Grateful; For me to be approved in 40 minutes for an application that usually takes 40 days, for us to find kind people to give us rides 650k/400miles to Auckland, for us to be lucky enough to stay with Misha’s friend and have him drive us to the airport, for the flight to be safe, and for us to arrive in Australia in less than 24 hours since leaving the blueberry town was truly miraculous. So a big thank you to all that have helped. And that goes to all the donators out there too! All of you that kindly donated to our mission helped with the cost of our travel. And it couldn’t have happened without you. Like I always say, this is our journey. So Thank You for being here.

Okay so that’s where you find us Now! Misha and I are currently just south of Byron Bay in a cute little town called Lismore in the state of New South Wales. We’ve found some well priced weekly accommodation here. I’m optimistically looking for any job at the moment in this beautiful country. I’m super excited to see what new trade or skill that I’ll be able to learn and I’m looking forward to plunging into the culture of Australia and getting to know the locals to see what Life’s all about here! And I will of course keep you updated as the beauty of Life keeps unfolding.

I can’t express enough how Thankful I Am for you guys taking the time to read and contribute to this crazy journey. I love to hear from you so please don’t be a stranger.

Until next time and always with so much Love,


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