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Hello hello to all you beautiful people out there. I would first like to start out by wishing you the best of health in your body, mind and spirit during these turbulent times. We are all being affected by what’s happening, but, like the old the saying goes, “What good is a ship always docked in the harbor? Sometimes, it’s gotta go out to the rough seas to see what it’s truly made of.”

I will begin by sharing with you a little backstory. Some of you may have noticed the new link on the main page. The link is labeled “Nowhere Tour” and if clicked on takes you to The Nowhere Tour website. I’ve put the link to The Nowhere Tour in because it is something that is near and dear to my heart. I wouldn’t be where I am at today without it. To make a long story short, The Nowhere Tour changed my life. Not only changed my life, but helped me create a life worth living. Truly the life of my dreams. The Tour is run by a truly dynamic duo, Melissa Kramer and Joe Wilkinson. Melissa is The Chief ExtraOrdinator. Joe is The Founding Guide. Melissa is brilliantly inspirational, to say the least, and Joe may be the wisest man I’ve ever encountered. I was lucky enough to meet these beauties back in the summer of 2016. Joe was The Guide at an Epic local Kayaking/SUP/Surf Shop called The River in iconic Traverse City, Michigan. Basically, if you went out on a kayaking trip Guided by Joe, it would change your life. Period. I was working behind the scenes at The River that summer as the driver, picking up and dropping off kayaks. I was lucky enough to be able to spend a good amount of time with Joe that summer. After that season, my mind was opened to view life in a completely different way, a much clearer way, a more motivated way; a way that gave me a more meaningful reason to live. Speaking with Joe everyday is like having an Epiphany everyday. No Joke. The guy’s a LEGEND. And Melissa? Just as amazing. Since then, I’ve been fortunate enough to keep in contact with these two frequently. They often reach out just to see how “Mitchy” is doing on his crazy travels, and if they can help in any way. And their words ALWAYS help. I would consider them both amazing Friends, Mentors and Coaches. I could write pages on how awesome they are. For real. But, I’m going to try and refrain from that for now. Maybe I’ll embelish in a post for another day. All I will say for NOW is that if you want to learn more about them, click on the Nowhere Tour link and check out what The Nowhere Tour provides. I HIGHLY recommend it.

In complete honesty with you all, I have been struggling to write a post since my beautiful lady and I arrived in Australia. With this whole virus situation and me trying to find a way to make some money and everything, I’ve been particularly confused about how I should present myself to you guys in times like these. I explained my difficulties the other day to my main man, Joe. After expressing to Joe what was happening, he provided me with so much wisdom. One piece of wisdom he peacefully provided was, “Just tell the Truth.” So that’s what I’m going to do here.

The past week in Australia has been kinda interesting to say the least. I began the week by setting out the intention to find a job. I went to the local library and printed out 15 resumes; really kind people at the Lismore Library I might add. Then I walked around town and handed out resumes to local business’s, mostly cafe’s and small restaurant type places. Nobody in this little town is actually hiring right now. So, I tried to put on a little extra charm walking into these places and asking to speak with the managers. Due to the luxury of the internet, I haven’t gone resume dropping in quite some time. Actually, it was probably about 10 years ago. It was pretty funny at first. I bombed the first place I walked in. I walked into a little French Cafe and the manager started asking me questions. I didn’t sound confident at all. He gave me the ole’, “Well I have your resume and will be in contact with ya if we need your help.” I walked out and just laughed. “Man, that was terrible! HaHa, I haven’t done this in so long!” I then gave myself a little pep talk. I told myself to gain some confidence and sell myself as if I was selling a beautiful car or home; to be proud of myself. By the 13th resume drop I had found my groove. It was actually a super fun and growth filled day. To get back out on the streets and make that connection with people face to face felt really good. And I’m so grateful for all of the managers of those establishments. All of them stopped what they were doing at that very moment and took the time to spontaneously listen to me and why I thought I would be the perfect fit for their restaurant that was not hiring. Most of them even sat down and had a conversation with me. It usually ended up being a beautiful life talk. So, again, it was definitely a fun and exciting day leading to the sharpening of some rusty tools in my toolbox, that’s for sure.

The next day I received a call from the owner of one of the cafes. She offered me a gig doing some food prep at the little cafe they had only recently opened. She said I could start in a couple days. It felt right, and I kindly accepted. I showed up to work after the weekend was over. I was pleasantly surprised. The cafe turned out to be so awesome. Really nice everything; ambiance, food, staff, vibes, etc. Anyway, I had a great first day at work and was excited to finally have positioned some reliable income. That day was a pretty special actually, not just because of the cafe. That day was special because it was the day that I officially launched my Guide business. Yes, that’s right. After hundreds of meetings and conversations with Joe and Melissa, and within Myself, all the signs pointed to taking the first step into my entrepreneurial calling. And with the stellar help from Joe, we created an awesome concept. I later distributed flyers around town and on the web. To summarize my business in a few sentences would be to say that throughout my worldly travels, I’ve been lucky enough to acquire 4 Key Insights that changed my Life, AND have proven to be Life changing for those who’ve I’ve shared them with. AND now it feels like an even more relevant time to share them with more people. I’m hoping to help benefit this world in any way possible and I believe that doing this is One of those ways. Okay! I’m going back to the cafe story now, but if these 4 Insights resonate with you, reach out. Do not hesitate to email me at, so we can arrange an opportunity to speak further.

The morning after my first day at the cafe, I was attending my 5:30am workout session at an awesome gym that I’ve found. Shout Out to F45 Lismore! Best place I’ve got my sweat on in a while! haha Sorry about that, just thought I’d throw some Love out there in the middle of this more serious stuff. Anyway, that morning I was contacted by the owners of the cafe that they were losing customer activity due to the Covid-19 thing, and they were likely to be forced by the city to close. They would have to reconsider their decision to bring on an employee.

This, I totally understood.

I’m sure as you ALL know out there, it wasn’t just them, it’s the whole world going through this.

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And THAT is what brings me to speaking with all you beautiful beings now. Times are interesting to be sure. And honestly, I have NO IDEA what to expect at this very moment in my Life. I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON! I have no idea where I’m going to receive money from next. But I do Know that tree’s build stronger roots when tested by the wind. I’m not going into panic mode. That would only keep me from remaining open to accepting the miracles that have shown up for me throughout my journey. That’s all I Know that I can do right now. I trust that The Universe agrees. WE WILL make it through these times of uncertainty. Not only will we, we will have stronger roots than before. Upgraded versions of ourselves. Yourself 2.0.

So, I Wish to You ALL, Happy TRANSFORMATIONS. I Wish to You ALL, Happy UPGRADING. And I wish to YOU ALL, Happy Travels (within your soul, I mean). Stay Clear and please reach out to me for more about The 4 Insights that provide a solid foundation for approaching times of disruption and change.

Oh, I found $20 on the ground today… as a function of operating from TRUST, I was compelled to donate it to an Australian Rainforest Charity. Let’s help each other through this. I Love You and Love Life. BREATHE.



Summer Golf in New Zealand
December 2019

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