I’ve Started a 3 Day Silent Retreat 🤐🤫🤭

In the spirit of Easter, try and find me in the picture above.
North Shore, Oahu (Hawaii)
July 10, 2017

Aloha Everyone! I’m not in Hawaii anymore but I’m definitely in the surfing spirit. But, more on that later. I’d like to start by saying Happy Freaking Easter from “the land down under”. If you’re from the U.S., I wish you best-of-luck egg hunting. If you’re from Czech Republic, I wish you happy “whipping”. For real, in Czech, Easter consists of whipping the women with sticks. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this tradition, it’s not what it sounds like, well it kinda is. Haha Allow me to fill you in.

I’ve been taught many Czech traditions over the past year from my beautiful lady, Misha. And Easter is one Czech tradition that I just can’t help but laugh at. Easter’s most popular tradition in Czech is the pomlázka whipping. A pomlázka is a stick made by braiding together several thin branches of willow rods and adding colorful ribbons to the end of it. The stick is then used to whip women on Easter Monday, which is supposed to keep them fertile, beautiful and healthy for the rest of the year. I’m told that the “whippings” are actually gentle taps on a woman’s leg or buttocks with the stick. Then the woman gives her man a painted egg or some chocolate, as a “thank you” for the whipping. I’m not quite sure I fully understand this tradition, but it’s not even close to the weirdest one’s I’ve experienced or heard about throughout my travels. That’s my gift from Me to You on this beautiful Easter…some fun culture for ya. You won’t find that in an Easter Egg. 🙂

My Easter Drawing For Misha

Okay you guys! I’m going to be honest, this post is going to be kind of all over the place. So, if you find yourself saying “what’s Mitchy getting at here?”. Don’t worry, you’re probably not alone. Some posts I just need to flow wildly. This feels like one of them.

So! My lady and I have recently had a blessing of good fortune come our way. Not saying that we don’t have good fortune coming our way all the time, but this one I believe is worth a little more mentioning. Since Misha and I’ve met, we’ve lived in staff houses, hostels, and accommodation that has been shared with many other people at the same time. I mean, that’s the way of the backpacker. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve loved every second of it. Living with people from across the globe has been awesome. We’ve been lucky enough to learn about other’s cultures and traditions first hand. But, after a while, sharing a kitchen with 10-20 other individuals get’s kinda energy draining. And I know this may be hard to believe but some people out there don’t like to do their own dishes. I know, crazy right!? I’m super blessed though. Going through these experiences proved test worthy and I’ve reached a point where I’ve even found peace in doing others dishes. I made it a meditative thing. It came to a point where I found myself sometimes doing hours of dishes a day that weren’t mine and enjoying it. Haha. Man, I’m laughing out loud right now. But, I figured that I could be investing my time and energy in places that are more beneficial to my personal growth than around the sink. For that reason, I believed that it was time to start Imagineering Misha and I in our own place. And guess what? It happened. Quicker than I expected too.

Here’s how it happened, A couple days ago, I was given a phone number by a woman who I was in contact with about renting a room. She had nothing available but told me that her friend was stuck in Sydney because of Coronavirus and was looking for someone to stay in her 3 bedroom house close to a beautiful beach in the area of Australia that Misha and I currently reside. I gave her friend a text. The woman responded and we ended up talking on the phone for about 30 minutes. It was a nice talk. More of a Life talk than the actual house. It felt right and she mentioned that she would be stuck in Sydney for probably the next month. We all agreed that Misha and I would be a great fit in her empty house and the next day, we moved in. And the rent turns out to be no more expensive than what we were paying at the previous house of 18 people that we were in. Yah, The Universe is looking out for us, that’s for sure!

“We are all faced with great opportunities, brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.”

Dr. Joe Dispenza

And that takes us to Present time. Here, Now. Now, Here. NoWhere. Shout out Anyways, this morning was the first morning waking up in our new house. I went out for a sunrise surf. Yes, good to be back in the water, to say the least. Where’d I get the board? Oh, there was one already at the house. The little beach town where we now currently reside is awesome. The people are happy and outside exercising and it’s good to be back around the ocean vibes that’s for sure.

So, Misha and I are in our own house. We don’t have to share the kitchen, living rooms, bathrooms with anyone besides ourselves. I’m sure that you can imagine that when sharing a kitchen with 15 other people, it’s impossible not to verbally communicate. Whether you’re asking someone how their day went or letting them know you have a hot pan behind them, verbal communication is a must in a shared house. Well guess what!? That is no longer necessary being in a house of our own. And that’s what brought me to this realization. Now is the perfect time for A Silent Retreat.

A year and a half ago I spent some time at a yoga retreat in Bali. It was there that I first heard about silent yoga and mediation retreats happening all the time and all over the world. Ever since then, I’ve always wanted to partake in one of these silent retreats and considering last week I created and ran in my own marathon, I figured doing my own 3 day Silent Retreat would be a nice follow up. Mind, Body, Spirit. So, as of about 16 hours ago, I have sealed my lips and no words will be coming out of them for 3 days. The rules I’ve made are…There are no rules as long as I don’t have any words come out of my mouth.

Why am I doing this? To be honest, because my heart says so. But, there’s many reasons. Firstly, I’ve always wanted to but never have. Secondly, I figure Now is the perfect time considering the new house situation and the Coronavirus lockdown. Thirdly, I really enjoy testing myself. Fourthly, I Love trying new things. I’m always up for new adventures and I never know whats going to come from me trying new things. Next, I would like to learn to communicate better with others without words. I want to understand deeper how to express my Love towards others without using words. To understand that I can send good vibes with my thoughts. “Telepathy-stuff”. It may sound crazy to some of you, and I agree, I am fucking crazy, but I’m here to grow everyday in the most superhuman ways possible. Because why wouldn’t we want to become the superhero we’ve always felt deep down to be? And the last but probably main reason I’m doing this silent retreat is to find deeper Me. Deeper Mitchy. The Me that exists when words are taken away.

Welp! There we have it, folks! Another snapshot of my wildly worldly adventures in the books. I want to say Thank YOU to all you awesome Beings out there. Thanks for sticking with me in that one. Truly, Thank You so much for reading. I Love seeing your comments, likes, follows and messages. They mean so much.

I also want to give a huge shout out to The Universe for always providing the most Epic adventures that One could ask for! Life is great and I’m super appreciative to be experiencing. I wish you all the continued Love throughout the interesting times of Coronavirus. Enjoy these times as much as you can and keep staying strong. Like always, Love You People! I’ll keep you updated on how it’s going with my days of silence. And Let Us All remember to… BREATHE.

One Love,


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