5 Tips For A Great Morning Routine

Hello-Hello-Hello Beautiful Beings. As always, I’d like to wish you the best of health in your mind, body, and spirit. Since I’ve begun traveling, I’ve noticed that in order for me to keep a healthy mind-body-spirit, I need a solid morning routine. Obviously, as a traveler, there really is no such thing as a routine. What I mean by a morning routine here is that there’s a set of activities that I can perform in the morning, no matter where I’m at in the world, to set myself up for a stellar day and ready to take on any beautiful challenge that The Universe provides.

I never had much of a morning routine growing up. Until I was 25, I kinda woke up and took whatever I thought the world was handing me. I was in total “reactionary” mode. I would wake up, look at my phone, watch T.V., make breakfast and allow whatever was out there on those media streams to affect and control my thoughts for the rest of the day. I realize now how irresponsible that was of me. I realize now, that in order to experience personal growth everyday, I need to start the morning with time to myself, to reflect within, to center myself, and to pump myself up for whatever experiences await.

Throughout my travels, I’ve replaced and upgraded a few simple morning activities that have proved miraculous in the way of how my days unfold.

I’m going to share with you fabulous readers, some tips that have allowed me to create an Epic Morning Routine. I’m not saying that these are going to work for you. But, I’m sure many of you can relate to the idea that I was once waking up everyday to a world that I though was happening “to me”. I now realize that the world is happening “for me” and “with me”. I Am The Creator of this beautiful dream and I credit a good amount of this to a healthy morning routine. As always, I ask that you take this “stuff” that I’m sharing not as advice, or me telling you that this is the right way and only way to achieve happiness, because it’s not. This is “the stuff” that’s helped me along my journey and I write this in hopes that it will benefit you as well. But, if not, it’s all good. I understand that we are all on journeys of our own and walking our own unique paths of greatness. So, without further ado, here’s some tips for a fabulous morning routine. I hope you guys enjoy.

1. Move

Movement is an essential part of my morning routine because it gets me breathing, sweating (hopefully) , and gives me some alone time to center myself for the day. Plus, it makes me feel like a rockstar having accomplished healthy exercise while most others are hitting the snooze button. Movement is mandatory because it gets energy moving throughout my body in ways that normal daily activity doesn’t. It purifies my lungs with fresh air. If I don’t move early in the morning, I find it hard to be at my best. Movement for me consists of literally anything! The types of movement that sit atop my list of go-to’s are running, walking, yoga, and HIIT (high intensity interval training). Don’t get me wrong, I Love surfing and ice skating too but I’ve recognized that as a world traveler these are sometimes not options. When I first began traveling, I would feel sorry for myself, pout, and make up excuses of why I couldn’t accomplish my morning movement. Since then, I’ve learned how to be flexible with any situation. I’ve upped my creativity to make the most of any environment; I’ve found myself doing Yoga in hostel kitchens at 5am, running under the stars in snowy, -5 degree weather before 7am work, and doing HIIT workouts at 5am in communal areas of shared accommodation before anyone rises. There’s a reason why I have movement at #1 on this list and that’s because it allows me to take on anything throughout the day.

2. Meditate/ Mindfulness

If you aren’t someone who enjoys meditating yet, you can still invest 5 to 10 minutes in the morning for “mindfulness” time. Mindfulness time consists of sitting or lying on your back and doing nothing. Yes, you heard me right, don’t do anything for 10 minutes. Don’t move. That’s it. Think about whatever you wish. Think about nothing if it feels right. If you choose, during these 10 minutes you can imagine your perfect day and set intentions on how you wish for your experiences to play out. You can also take your attention to your breath during this time, just focusing on your inhale and exhale, clearing your mind of everything else. I’ve noticed that by taking this mindfulness time, it has allowed me to be 100% more compassionate and generous throughout my day. If I’ve taken time in the morning to help myself, I can do anything to help others the rest of the day.

3. Cold Shower (2-5 Minutes)

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I LOVE starting the day out with a cold shower. I know this sounds crazy but this is an absolute must for me to start the day. There’s so much science now behind cold showers and cold therapy. Cold showers have proven to not only enhance brain activity and brain clarity but also have shown to help reduce inflammation and burn body fat. Trust me, I understand how hard this can be in some situations. But, I’m not sharing this with you guys because it kind-of-works for me. This is a must on my morning routine list and no matter where I’m at, I’m finding any sort of cold water to get all over my body for 2-5 minutes; even if that means submerging myself in the below freezing temperature of New Zealand glacial river water. If you want to find out more on how beneficial cold water exposure is, check out “The Iceman” Wim Hof. If you aren’t familiar with this guy, I highly suggest you check him out, he will blow your mind. Link to Wim’s Website here.

4. Intermittent-Fasting (Short Term Not Eating)

Fasting is an ancient, tried and true practice that can be a revolutionary means for taking your brain health, physical health, and spiritual health to the next level. Historical examples of the use of fasting for health and spirituality abound. Hippocrates, a proponent of fasting, believed it was the key to the body being able to heal itself and once said, “…to eat when you are sick, is to feed your sickness.” Native American Tribes used Fasting in conjunction in vision quests to amplify their ability to be able to reach states of higher dimension

Ben Greenfield Fitness author, personal trainer, nutritional consultant and wellness adviser

I first want to throw a disclaimer out here; what I’m sharing is in no way medical advice, check with your doctor before attempting any type of fasting if you are new to any of this.—-Okay, although society has set us up to believe that we need three meals a day to live a “healthy” life, this has indeed proven to be very untrue for myself. During my years of travel I’ve noticed a correlation between my productivity and focus in the morning relating in large part to not eating. I’ve noticed increased amounts of energy too throughout my day, by not eating. And not to mention, saves me good hour-or-so in my most energetic times of the morning. About a year ago, I wanted to find out why this was. “Why do I feel so good physically, mentally, and spirtually by not eating in the morning?” I quickly turned to my mentor, Joe Wilkinson (, for advice. He guided me to the world of “Intermittent Fasting”. Yes, turns out that there is an enormous community of people that have experienced the same benefits I have. Joe guided me to an expert in this field named Ben Greenfield. I’m super thankful to have found my way into the world of fasting. Now-a-days, I fast for about 18 hours a day, usually from after dinner at 7pm to the next day at around 2pm. But there’s all sorts of different fasting types you can try out. For more information on this cool stuff, you can check it out all over the web and I recommend taking a look at Ben Greenfield Fitness Here.

5. Learn/ Reflect/ Journal

Writing in a journal reminds you of your goals and of your learning in life. It offers a place where you can hold a deliberate, thoughtful conversation with yourself.

Robin Sharma, Author of 5am Club

Take some time in the morning to read a book, listen to a podcast, or research something that you’ve been wanting to learn more about. Write your new findings in a journal. I’ve found so much personal growth through journaling. Journaling has helped me get clear with my visions of what I want to experience and the actions I must take to move closer to them. It’s also helped me release old negative emotion and past experiences by simply putting the pen to paper. Journaling has even helped me get clear with my understanding of my true voice. Most of us have so many voices inside of our head and we aren’t quite sure which one to listen to, journaling helps solve this. I could go on and on about the benefits of journaling. Even if it’s just for 10 minutes a day, I say, write down your thoughts.

6. BONUS: Stay Away From Technology For The First 30min-1hr of Your Day

By waking up and checking our phone’s immediately, it puts us into a “reactionary” state. How are we supposed to be able to go and meditate calmly if we’ve just received a nasty email from our ass hole boss saying he needs us to work the weekend? We can’t. So stay away from it for the 1st hour of your day. Take the time for you. To center yourself. And then you’ll be prepared to face the email head on with confidence and compassion.

Okie-Dokie Everyone! Thanks so much for reading. I’m so fortunate for every magical thing that traveling has opened my eyes to; my morning routine being one of them. I’m always looking for new ways to improve the beginning hours of my day, or all the hours of my day for that matter! So, if any of you can offer any advice on things I can incorporate into my morning routine, please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments section and/or shoot me an email I Love trying new “stuff”, so anything is encouraged. Love You ALL!

One Love


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