10 Affirmations That Will Allow You To Attract and Receive More Money



Hello Money-makers! Take a quick moment to think about the beautiful sound that a cash register makes, “Cha-Ching”. Yeah, so nice. That brings us to the topic of today and something that I Love so much, MONEY!

Growing up, I had such negative beliefs about money. Society had taught me that having a lot of money was a bad thing because I’d turn into a greedy, arrogant, manipulating person. I told myself that I didn’t want a lot of money because I’d turn into a horrible person. I believed that everyone who had a lot of money did bad things with it. And guess what the result of those beliefs were? You got it, I had no to small amounts of money my whole Life! Haha. Funny how that works.

I’ve come to realize during my years of travel, that all of my beliefs about money were inaccurate. There are so many amazing individuals in this universe that are doing great things with lots of money. And Money Is Beautiful. Money creates options. Money enhances the truth of who we are. Great people become greater with the abundance of money.

I’ve noticed that in Life, you attract what you are. And this very much includes the flow of money. If you believe that you deserve to have enough money, you send that vibration out into The Universe. If you subconsciously think that you don’t deserve money, aren’t worthy of it, or that it is hard to come by, then you block the flow of money in your Life.

Blocks from financial prosperity come from deep-rooted beliefs about lack. Some of you may think that there is a limited amount of money in the world and if someone has a lot, then that takes away from you. Some of you may also have been taught growing up that you must struggle and work very very hard to earn a lot of money. Truth is, there is an abundance of money and you DO NOT have to slave away all day to attract nice amounts of “coin”.

So, how do we attract money into our lives, you ask?

A great place to start is through affirmations. Affirmations are probably the most powerful tool to change deep rooted beliefs. Write an affirmation down and keep it with you in your wallet or purse. Throughout the day, pull the affirmation out and read it.

You may be saying, “Mitchy, are you really saying that in order for me to receive the money that I’ve always desired, all I need to do is write down an affirmation on paper, pull it out throughout the day, and say it?”

My answer is, “Yes, as long as you truly believe what you’re saying.”

Like I said before, by reciting an affirmation, you begin to shift your old limiting beliefs into new, abundant ones. By doing so, you send out a certain vibration into The Universe, allowing the manifestation process to occur. And good news! You don’t even need to understand vibration or manifestation to attract massive amounts of money in your life! Just know that you’re shifting your old beliefs into new ones to receive more money by practicing your affirmations.

If you want, you can get creative and write an affirmation or two or three or a hundred and post them around your room or home. Recite an affirmation each morning when you wake up and each evening before you go to bed. You can read them 1- 1,000 times a day, just go with what feels right.

I’m going to share 10 affirmations that have worked for me. You can take them as they are or you can modify them to suit you. Just do what feels right! Write them down, read them to yourself or aloud during the day. And enjoy receiving the new money that comes forth!

1. I Love Money. Money Is Good. Money Is Freedom.

2. I Deserve a lot of money.

3. I Love paying my bills and cashing my checks.

4. There is enough money for everyone, and then some.

5. People LOVE to give me money.

6. I’m so good at attracting money.

7. Everything I do, seems to create more money.

8. I Am Worthy of massive wealth.

9. I Love the feeling of a stack of $100 bills in my hand.

10. Money is as natural and abundant as air.

There ya go, guys. All I can say now is enJOY the money that’s coming your way! Please reach out and share your stories of how new money has shown up in your life and out of “nowhere” by using the affirmations technique. It is for real. And if you really enjoy these 10 and want more, shoot me an email at Also, feel free to donate any portion of your newly acquired wealth to me aka Mitchy Wilder, to support my mission of guiding humans into becoming the super-hero’s they’ve always felt to be; by creating super-human experiences in their everyday lives.

Just B E L I E V E.

I Love You All,


2 replies on “10 Affirmations That Will Allow You To Attract and Receive More Money”

After using your affirmations, both speaking them aloud and writing them down, I received a substantial raise. Believing that I am worthy has been my greatest obstacle in the past. Thank you so much for the great advice!


You just made my day, FreeToB! Congratulations on your Upgrade! You are worthy and I’m so grateful to hear that the affirmations helped you ReCognize that. One Love and thank for the share!


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